Gold and Silver Fever

Gold and Silver Fever. The crazy things done in the name of gold and silver.


The Gold Series pt4: Gold as An Investment

Since 2000, gold has outperformed the S&P 500 each year 9 of 12 times. How does gold behave like an investment and what are the fundamentals of investing in gold? What are the different ways investors can get exposure to gold in their portfolios?

Gold as an Investment

The Gold Series pt3: Uses and Demand

In the past two parts of this infographic series, we saw its rich history and also how mining and supply works. Here we look at how gold is used across the globe. Generally speaking, half of all gold demand is comprised of jewelry sales. About 10% of gold is used in technology, where it is used in devices ranging from computers, cell phones, space shuttles, and defense technology. Lastly, 40% of gold is used as an investment – and this percentage is growing significantly. In this infographic we also look at how gold growth in China will impact the future of the precious metal. In Q4 of 2011 and continuing into 2012, China has bought more gold overall than even India and will continue to play an important role in consumption

The Gold Series pt2: Gold Mining Supply

Gold Mining Supply, how we fare historically speaking. Where we should be looking to

The Gold Series pt1: The History of Gold

Wars have been fought over gold. Love has been expressed by it. Gold has changed the landscape of civilizations and the world. But what makes gold so great? This infographic examines the history of gold from ancient history to the gold rushes of the centuries ago. It looks at its properties and how it became not only a currency, but the gold standard. This is the first instalment of a four part infographic series on gold

Everything You Need To Know About Investing In Gold

We found a very thorough infographic on the gold market by BlueGlass Interactive. Full story can be found in found in

So, as the graphic concludes best:-

The Wall Street Journal Market watch recommends investing in gold if an investor has a diversified portfolio

  • holds no intrinsic value, it is only worth what someone will pay
  • nor does it produce income for the inevstor
Investing in Gold - all you need to know in short by Blue Glass Interactive

Investing in Gold – all you need to know in short by Blue Glass Interactive

The Silver Series pt 3: Silver As An Investment

Silver has had double digit gains in 7 of the last 10 years. In this infographic, we look at the investment properties of silver as well as its chief differences with gold. Highlights include a study on silver correlation, volatility, performance against the US Dollar and money supply, and portfolio diversification.